Welcome to the "Rockin Maddy Ranch", a family run business that has been specializing in horseback riding for over 36 years!! We offer scenic trail rides, ponies, riding lessons, horse drawn carriage and horse drawn hayrides...call OR text us today as we can often make same day reservations. (530) 340-2100 (ask for Laura)

 Mt Shasta View Ride (1 1/4 hours 48.00 per person)

Advanced Mt Shasta View Ride ( 2 hours 65.00 per person)

(A brief description of each ride is on the Prices and Directions Page)

 Our rides have incredible views of Mt Shasta and the surrounding area.. you are welcome to visit with our many rescued animals as well, so please allow a little time at the ranch before and after your ride if possible.. our rates are reasonable, and our horses are incredible!! Whether you are a first time beginner or an advanced rider, we can accommodate you.. We are located appr. 40 minutes north of Mt Shasta... PLEASE SEE PRICES AND DIRECTIONS PAGE FOR FURTHER INFORMATION...


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