Buckskin/Dun Stallion "Smoken Now"

Mares Booked Into July

  Our Stallion "Smoken Now" is a foundation "Leo" bred horse..... OUR BREEDING FEE IS $750 WITH A LIVE FOAL GUARANTEE.. he also goes back to the unforgettable "Skipper W"..... "Bert" ..... and "Joe Reed II"...... what does this mean for you????   Speed, Conformation, Cow Horse Sense, Performance..... A TRUE ATHLETE WITH A GREAT MIND!!!!!!!          

  Not only has he produced 100% color on all of his babies to date, but they have ALL proven very easy to start under saddle, are gentle, and willing to go in any direction!!!  One of his daughters I call "Sissy" had just a few rides on her, and I was able to carry a flag on her in a huge parade, right in the middle of all the action!!  She was a complete doll !!!!!          

  We will be offering live cover, as well as shipped semen....  we have been "hiding him for ourselves" and are just recently offering him to outside mares..... We breed mares into July, as we make ranch horses as do many of our clients, so the later babies are not a problem....
We have many horses for sale out of this stallion, as well as out of our 100% foundation "Hancock" bred blue roan stallions...... Tell us what you're looking for, and we've probably got it!!  

Contact us today.................. (530) 340-2100 


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